Capturing the moment…

My name is Lisa Cooper. I have been a Prekindergarten teacher with Regina Catholic Schools since 2008 and taught K,1,2 in Calgary before that. I graduated with my Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina (with a focus on Early Childhood Education) in 2005 and I am currently working on my Masters of Education with a major in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Regina. EC&I830 is my third graduate class and first Ed Tech course since my Undergrad.

As a prekindergarten teacher, my way of showing and communicating learning to children, families and the community is through photos, so naturally that is how I thought I would introduce myself to all of you.  I created this collage as I believe each picture tells a small story about who I am.

001 collage (1)

Who I am

My husband and I had our baby girl in the fall and I am enjoying every moment with her. I have been out of the classroom and my mind has been on family life for the last 6 months. My family and faith is very important to me. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this summer! You probably see the massive dog in the photo…well we love Great Danes, and our Watson is great in size and in heart. You see that little piece of heaven? Well, that is where we spend most of our time, at our cabin at Marean Lake.  (If you click the link then click Marean Lake the google map will show you where it is in relation to Regina.)

This is my first WordPress Blog. I am familiar with blogging using blogger as I kept a classroom blog, family blog and a personal blog with that format. My classroom blog was a place that I posted weekly updates for families so they could stay connected with their child’s learning. It was a great communication tool. I put a sample photo in the collage from one of my blog posts.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions about using WordPress for communicating with families and if you found it secure and easy for families to access!? I’m considering a change in blog providers ;).

I enjoy documenting and capture the learning that takes place in my classroom through video and photos. It is not only the most important way to communicate my students’ learning, but it is how I plan and prepare future learning experiences for them. You can see several photographs in my collage of the children engaged in different activities. I enjoy reflecting on the photos and seeing the story each one has as it shows the emerging learner. In my classroom I usually have over 100 photos a week that I have collected from a four day program with 32 students… each one of them was taken because it was a moment of discovery and learning for that child.

My approach to teaching is very simple, I follow the children’s interest and strive to create an environment where each child feels safe and valued. I love to  engage 3 and 4 year olds in learning projects and inquiry learning. I have documented several projects on my class blog and through SmileBox, Publisher, Movie Maker and PowerPoint. I’d be interesting in hearing what other people use for documentation and sharing learning! Here is a great resource of some projects that are being done by Early Childhood Educators in our province.

Early Childhood Education is my passion and I am an advocate for it outside my classroom and school division. I am on the provincial executive for the CAYC and do contract work with the ministry of Education to provide support and facilitate workshops around best practices in Early Childhood Education. Some workshops I have done have encouraged the use of technology to assist with documenting children’s learning.

I am not a technology guru, but love to learn and adapt it to fit my needs in my classroom. I feel like there are many people to learn from in this class and I am looking forward to learning about great technology resources out there that people are using for documentation and with young children.

Well I better run…. I hear my little girl waking up and you guessed it…. I’ve got some unforgettable baby moments to go and capture!








3 thoughts on “Capturing the moment…

  1. It’s so nice to learn from you Lisa and how luck I am to join you! I have passion for early childhood education, but I have few experience about it because I make up my mind too late. I study here is to seek an opportunity to make it come true. Thanks for you sharing the link! I once was a parttime piano teacher and enjoyed spending time with children. They made me feel happy and relax. Now my landlord have a 10-year old girl and 3-year old girl and they are nice and adorable. I hope one day I can be an EC teacher. I think that is a very valuable job and worth efforts!


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