Learn it All – Learning Summary

Well here it is. My learning summary for EC&I 830. It was a whirlwind of a class with only 2 months of learning, but I have never been part of such a great learning opportunity before. I was challenged to be the kind of learner I hope my students can be.

The format of this course allowed me to set out my own path and determine how I was going to learn the content around some of the most debated issues in education today. This learning summary was just one more great experience in this course. I have never had to create a learning summary in this format. Right from the beginning I wanted to challenge myself and attempt to “write” lyrics to a popular song. This is something I never do… I sing often but “write”… NEVER.

 The introduction is very formal and “Lecturing”,  something that I steer clear of when teaching, but if you can hang on until the 1:30 mark you will get to “Shake it Off” and enjoy my own rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit that I have rewritten called “Learn it All”. I apologize that the intro video seems to have the edges cut off in editing (movie maker). If anyone can suggest how to fix it, please let me know. Most links are in the video, the ones that I couldn’t show links for are found here in a separate document.

Enjoy my Learning Summary!

It’s been a great semester.


14 thoughts on “Learn it All – Learning Summary

  1. Love it!!!! Great video! Loved the remake! T Swift better watch out for LCCoops!! Your little peanut is adorable too!!! So great getting to learn with you this semester!


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